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Are you looking for a Gift and just can' t figure out what to buy?

Purchase a Gift Card in a few seconds. You just need to select the amount, add the card in the chart and it is done! You will receive it per e-mail!

The e-mail contains the purhcase confirmation and the instructions how to use the card.

To give someone a E-Gift Card, you can send to the recipient the email you will receive of the gift.As an alternative, if you enter the name and email address of the person you are sending the gift to, all the information will be sent directly to the recipient

Be aware that E-Gift Cards expire 1 year after the purchase and cannot be refunded.In addition, E-Gift Cards can’t be returned or exchanged for cash.

E-Gift Cards can’t be purchased using a discount code.

In the case of a product ordered by a E-Gift Card, the product can be returned and exchanged if the FareTessile return standards are respected, but it cannot be refunded.

Finally, in case of a partial use, the E-Gift Card will be automatically updated with the remaining value.





Excellent quality, wonderful packaging, highly recommended. Try to believe !

Eric C.-

Professional and reliable, really a great product!

John T.-

A simple size guide and, for whatever reason, shipping and returns are free throughout Italy.

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