Shipping costs:

Shipping costs are covered by the customer, if not otherwise explicitly stated in the E-Shop.

The amount is explicitly and separately stated (in Euros and after taxes) at check-out, before the final confirmation of the order, as well as in the confirmation email sent to the customer after the placement of the order.
Shipping costs amount to:

  • 9,50 Euros for national shipping
  • 18,50 Euros for international shipping (possible only for the countries listed while placing your order)

Place of Delivery:

The purchased products will be delivered at the address specified by the customer while placing the order. General delivery addresses or P.O. boxes are not considered valid for delivery.

Shipping Information:

The courier will make 2 delivery attempts to deliver the package and obtain your signature. The frequency is 2 consecutive days. After the second attempt the package will be brought to the parcel terminal. In this case, you will find a card in your mailbox, notifying you that the you can collect your package at the terminal within 7 days. After this period the package will be returned to us. When this occurs, we will notify you and this process will be handled as a free return of your order, and we shall provide you with a refund for these products. It is also possible to request a third delivery attempt, directly contacting the courier and following the steps detailed in the card left in your mailbox.

Time of delivery

Packages are delivered from Monday to Friday, during office hours, except for weekends and public holidays. Domestic delivery time varies from 3 to 5 working days after receipt of 'order for standard delivery and 1 to 2 days for express delivery. Delivery times may increase if the customer is located outside of Italy.

Can I place an order, and have it delivered to a different country than my own?

Yes, we currently ship to any of the countries that you see listed while placing my order.

Can I choose the time and day of delivery?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Make sure that someone is always present at the specified location during the expected time of delivery.

With the On-Demand Delivery service, the courier allows you to reschedule the delivery up to the last minute, even if the courier is ready to deliver your package and about to arrive at your house.

You can change the place of delivery, choosing to collect the package at one of the many BRT or DHL service points available throughout Italy, or change the delivery address (to change the country of destination is however not allowed).

Do you have someone you trust living next to you? Then you can try the option "deliver to a neighbor": the courier can deliver your package up to two street numbers away from the
initially chosen destination.

You can also use the Signature-free Delivery service, currently very popular in other countries such as the USA or Great Britain and slowly spreading to Italy as well. With this service the customer is not required to sign upon receiving the goods and the package is simply left on
the customer’s doorstep.

Finally, you can also change the delivery date up to a maximum of seven calendar days. Do you need more time? With the DHL On Demand Delivery service, you can take advantage of the "holiday hold". This option allows you to leave your package in storage in DHL terminals up to 30 days, and then have it delivered when you return.