FilàFil....the magic of a thread

A thread of one color and another of a different color. An alternation that gives our garments a particular and exclusive chromatic effect. An effect that derives from the deep nature of our Filoscozia © yarn.

It is a magic that arises from the beginning of processing. First of all it is a fine cotton, which is worked in several steps to obtain absolute softness and shine.
The two twists of yarn's intersection generates absolute resistance, provided that all the components are of very regular workmanship, such as to make it precious right from birth.
The meeting of a thread with another thread (hence the term "fil à fil" in the description of our garments) gives the fabric an immediate chromatic power. While from the point of view of touch, our yarn is delicate, silky, fluid, also thanks to the double step with which it is treated.

A chromatic and tactile perfection that can only be fully appreciated with direct contact. Also for this reason, wearing a garment of pure cotton, worked in this way in the private parts, is an experience to try!

All the FareTessile collections, of briefs, boxers and t-shirts, express an extraordinary chromatic variety: the 12 colors of our fil à fil become 112 and then again 224 and so on!
Unique and unusual combinations
, which tell our idea of ​​color, and our idea of ​​underwear. An always new, always different underwear, with countless combinations and countless situations.
However, let's not forget the high degree of transpiration of our Filoscozia © cotton, which provides the elegance of the garments with a lightness that has no equal. Only by wearing a FareTessile garment can you realize the difference with traditional underwear!

And all this in parallel with the durability of the garments which, if kept and washed with the right care, never reach their end! Garments that must be washed at low temperatures and with short cycles. Filoscozia © cotton by its nature has antibacterial properties: no high temperatures are required.

Indeed, they could damage him. Like all precious things it must be treated with care… and he will know how to give credit. The experience of an underwear full of quality and peculiarities is what we invite you to do now! We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

Since we know our product and its specific qualities, we invite you to try on one of our garments. We invite you to experience the unique sensation of an underwear that comes from a thread's magic.

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